Frequently Asked Questions

Going to college? Need financial assistance? Here’s your answer!

What is the Career Development program?

The CGA Educational Foundation’s Career Development Program provides tuition reimbursement for the educational endeavors of CGA member company employees.

What is the reimbursement process? How do I apply?

Simply complete a Career Development Program application and have it signed by your supervisor or human resources representative. Submit the agreement, along with a tuition receipt and grade or proof of completion, to CGA Educational Foundation within two months from the end of the course. If reimbursement is granted by the Approval Committee, a check and congratulatory letter will be sent to your supervisor who will present the check to you.

Who is eligible for the program?

The program is available to CGA member employees who work an average of 16 or more hours per week and have been employed by a CGA member company for a minimum of six months.

What kinds of courses qualify?

Courses need to enhance your job knowledge, promotability, food industry knowledge or be part of a degree program to be eligible for reimbursement.  Completion of the course must result in the student receiving a grade or certificate of completion to prove subject mastery.

Course work completed to maintain a license, such as CEUs, are not eligible for reimbursement.  Seminars, webinars, workshops, professional exams and conference registrations are not eligible for reimbursement.  Employer-sponsored course work is not eligible for reimbursement.


Yes.  Each application is closely evaluated to determine whether reimbursement should be granted based on the information provided.

Where can I take classes?

Courses can be taken from most accredited education providers – from community colleges, state colleges and universities to computer schools, online programs, and even home-study coursework.

How much will I be reimbursed?

Students may be reimbursed up to $200 per course, not to exceed a maximum annual amount of $1,000.

If my tuition is less than $200, will I be reimbursed for books and parking?

Parking fees are never reimbursed. Book purchases do qualify for reimbursement only when they are for courses within the WAFC Retail Management Certificate Program. For information on the RMC program, click here.

financial aid covered my tuition expenses.  can i still receive reimbursement?

Tuition fees paid by student loans are eligible for reimbursement as there is an expectation of repayment.  Grant money and scholarship funds are not eligible for reimbursement as there is no expectation of repayment.

If I am the store supervisor, is it okay for me to authorize my own application?

No. A signature is required by the applicant’s supervisor. If approval is granted, a check and letter will be mailed to the supervisor who will present the check to the employee. A reimbursement check cannot be mailed directly to the applicant.

If my employer sponsored and/or paid for this course, can I receive reimbursement?

No. The program reimburses only for courses paid for by individual employees.