Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

Potential harassment entanglements can appear anywhere in the work environment and in many different forms. Companies must be on constant alert about what is happening in the workplace and know how to deal with inappropriate and illegal behaviors.  To support our members, CGAEF offers highly affordable online Workplace Harassment Prevention Training courses, in both English and Spanish, for supervisors and non-supervisory employees tailored for the grocery industry.  

These courses provide practical examples designed to raise employee’s awareness of potential workplace issues and the legal liabilities associated with harassment in today’s industry.  The courses satisfy California’s mandatory harassment prevention training requirements making it easy to fulfill your compliance obligations. They’ll help your company’s associates:

  • Understand why workplace harassment training is important and essential to the health of a business
  • Understand the rights and protections available to both complainants and employers
  • Understand the supervisor and employee’s roles in the workplace harassment complaint process
  • Identify strategies to prevent workplace harassment

CGA members can take advantage of deeply discounted rates for harassment prevention training with options as low as $7 per user. Specific pricing is determined by the number of units purchased. This on-demand training will monitor course progress, issue completion certificates and provide the reporting needed to document compliance.  Course licensing options are also available to CGA member companies. For more information including training pricing, contact Brianne Page at (916) 448-3545.