Meet Legends of the Industry Scholarship Recipient Rosita Szatkowska

Congratulations Rosita Szatkowska, the 2023-24 CGAEF Legends of the Industry College Scholarship recipient. Rosita has worked at Albertsons Companies for more than a decade and is currently a District Manager. She is the sixth recipient of this scholarship that was established to honor past industry legends and to recognize up-and-coming grocery leaders.

While speaking on her educational journey, Rosita shared that she is a continual student of development and growth and wants to be an example to others that it is never too late to go to school and educate yourself. Upon hearing that she is the 2023-24 Legends of the Industry recipient, she expressed her gratitude and that “this is bigger than the money, the money is great but really it’s about being that example.”

For information on the $10,000 Legends of the Industry Scholarship and the CGAEF Scholarship Endowment by which the award is possible, click here.

Read Rosita’s story in the California Grocer magazine here.